Melbourne to KL (Air Asia)

April 19th, 2012 § 1 comment

It was our first trip on a budget airline and it started without a hitch. Boarding was on time and the flight wasn’t too full which was a bonus. Poor John didn’t pre-book his luggage and was hit with a fee of $60 for 15 kg which he wasn’t happy with. The seats aren’t too bad, but since this is a budget airline, you can’t expect too much, but they are small.

Half way through the flight, John and Frank were engaged in a conversation, however the conversation was upsetting to some passengers as they complained to the cabin staff, and they were told to stop talking. We now have a 5 hour stop over in KL while waiting for our next flight. Will update shortly.


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  • David says:

    Hi Mark,
    It’s gone silent on the blog, so I assume you’re just having far too much of a good time to write anything!

    Enjoy yourselves…


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