Phuket – May 30

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Another interesting day in Patong! We went to Phuket Town to explore, however the hotel bus only went to the shopping centre which we had already been to, so we decided to catch a taxi to the city centre. Once arriving there, we found not much around, and we were approached by a local taxi driver who wanted to take us around the island for THB40 which I felt was too cheap and maybe there was some catch.

We left Geoff and Rosie with the taxi driver and they went off with him. Bron and myself just walked around for a bit and caught a taxi back to the shopping centre were we caught the bus back to the hotel.

We ate lunch at one of our favourite restaurants at the back of O Top and back to the hotel to arrange our diving in Phi Phi Island for Wednesday.

A swim in the pool followed by drinks at the bar, after we went to Sue and Jeanette’s room for further drinks and after that we wanted down to one of the bars, followed by dinner at Loma on the beach.

Another early night for some!

Phuket (30th May)

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Another magnificent day in Paradise and another sunny day. After breakfast, we spent the morning by the pool followed by lunch at Oasis next door. Sue recommend we hire some Tuk-Tuk’s and travel south along the island and we can do a beach hop. We first went to Karon beach, we went through the market, but it was so hot and we hit the beach and all went for a swim.
Karon Beach

The sand and water was so much cleaner than Patong. From there we travelled further south down to Kata beach. We didn’t swim there, however the girls were content on haggling with the beach vendors and they purchased many items from them. After that, we all enjoyed a pancake from one of the local vendors.

Pacakes at Kata

We travelled up the steep hill to the After Beach Bar where we sipped on cocktails and waited for the sunset. This spot is breath-taking, and we all agreed well worth another visit, maybe for dinner.  The waitress were the worst lady boy’s we have seen!

After Beach Bar

We then jumped back in our tuk-tuk and headed back to Patong, through the streets of Kata and Karon, which is also very pretty by night. Back at the “home” a few of us headed for a quiet dinner and then an early night all round.

Phuket Day 2-5

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Phuket hasn’t changed much since we were hear last year. We have done the usual things, shop, massage, swim, eat and drink, but not in that order. We have been back to see most of the people  we have met.

Greg had a big night with Danny from Lekey’s bar and hasn’t been out of bed in two days.

Today (day 5) was the first day we have seen rain and it rained nearly all day.

Prices for Phuket are as follows:

Sunglasses THB150
T-Shirts THB150
Singlets THB130
Mens Boxers THB80
Mens Shorts THB250-350
Baseball Cap THB250
Jeans THB700

Phuket Day 1

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We spent the morning by the pool and Bronny tried the scuba diving in the pool without any problem. Looks like we are going to dive at Phi Phi Island this year.  The dive instructor said the marine life is amazing, there are also some black tipped sharks around the area and we will more than likely see them he said.

Lunch at J One again where the food is spectacular. Shopping, shopping and shopping for the afternoon followed by another dip in the pool.

Lekey’s for a BBQ dinner and another early night.

Hello Phuket

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We caught a taxi to the airport in Hong Kong as it’s on Lantau Island, some distance from the city. The taxi driver took us to the wrong terminal, but we managed to find our way and checked in. Next was the maze from the check-in to the gate, never been to a more confusing airport.

We arrived in Phuket in an empty plane (again) and found our transport to the hotel. Poor Greg and Carolyn had to wait a little longer for their room. After a quick relax, we headed over to Lekey and Jenny’s bar for a quick drink and immediatly, Lekey recognised us and it was kisses all round.

Red Boat

We went to one of our favourite places in Patong for dinner.. Red Boat and we enjoyed fresh Lobster, Fish and Prawns.

Greg stayed at the Bar until stumps and the rest of us had an early night.

Last Day in Hong Kong

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Wow… I woke up this morning and the clouds had gone and the sun had finally come out. I might get some good pictures today.

Hong Kong Harbour

Bron and I spent some time walking down long the harbour, we tried to pick out buildings that we remembered from long ago, however nothing is sacred in Hong Kong and we learned some of the buildings were torn down to make way for newer, taller constructions. Once such hotel that is no longer there is the Furama, where we ate on many occasions.

Mong Kok

We caught the MTR and went down to the Golden Computer Centre, however it was still early and they weren’t open, so we found a place that sold runners and managed to get a bargain. Back to Golden Computer’s but I could not get the software I was after. From there, we went to Mongkok and walked around the streets, there was shop after shop selling runners.

We spent the afternoon just wandering around and went back to the hotel to freshen up before heading to Aqua for a drink followed by dinner in an authentic Chinese restaurant.


Off to bed.. we need to wake up early for our trip to Thailand.


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It was an early start to the day, I set the alarm on my phone to wake us up at 7.00 am, but the time had gone back to the Sydney zone and we were up at 5. It was even early for me.

Macau is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China since 20 December 1999, and, like Hong Kong, benefits from the principle of “one country, two systems”. The tiny SAR is growing in size – with more buildings on reclaimed land – and in the number and diversity of its attractions. The greatest of these continues to be Macau’s unique society, with communities from the East and West complementing each other, and the many people who come to visit.

Old Church

All that remains of the greatest of Macau’s churches is its magnificent stone facade and grand staircase. The church was built in 1602 adjoining the Jesuit College of St. Paul’s, the first Western college in the Far East where missionaries such as Matteo Ricci and Adam Schall studied Chinese before serving at the Ming Court in Beijing as astronomers and mathematicians. The church, made of taipa and wood, was brilliantly decorated and furnished, according to early travelers. The facade of carved stone was built in 1620-27 by Japanese Christian exiles and local craftsmen under the direction of Italian Jesuit Carlo Spinola.

We visited the fort and then ate lunch in a near by park that was full of graffiti.

MGM Grand

We spent the next few hours walking the streets while heading down to the MGM Casio which is magnificent. After having a drink there, we caught the bus back to the ferry and slept most of the journey back to Hong Kong.

Back down to Temple street for some dinner and some last minute bargains.

Stanley and the Peak

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We started the day by taking a train over to the island where we took a local bus to Stanley Market. Since Bronny was here last, Stanley has gone through some big changes, but the merchandise was still the same.

There wern’t too many bargains to be had there, so we decided to have some lunch and head to the peak.

It was such a cloudy day, so probably not the best time to visit the peak.  We caught a taxi to the station and caught the modernised cable train to the top.

The Peak

Standing at 552 metres above sea level, the Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and a natural signaling post for incoming cargo ships in the nineteenth century. The more privileged early residents, however, found it the perfect retreat from Hong Kong scorching summer heat.

We walked a way to try and find the terminal where we could book the boat to Macau and then returned back to the hotel for a drink.

We caught a train to Temple Street, and found a street Cafe which we ate at. We had a nice Chinese style meal and then hit the market.

Temple Street

Temple Street is an amazing shopping sight, featuring rows of brightly lit stalls hawking an astonishing variety of inexpensive items. Fortune-tellers cluster at the Yau Ma Tei end of the street, as do Chinese opera enthusiasts seeking kindred spirits for impromptu performances. It is open from 4pm to midnight, but really comes alive after sunset.

Sunglasses (not bad quality) HK$80, Bags HK$100, Belts $70 and Polo Shirts $35

Macau tomorrow and some say it’s an early start, but normal for me.

Hong Kong

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The plane was half empty on the way over to Bangkok, so we all had our own 3 seats so we could spread out and get some sleep. Once we arrived in Bangkok, we walked from one end of the airport to the other to reach our next flight.

I love how you can buy all your medication in Thailand. I had a small skin infection and went to the pharmacy at Bangkok Airport and ask for some penicillin and they gave me a dose that was only 80BHT.

Train From Hong Kong AirportWe weren’t quite as lucky on the next flight as there were more people trying to leave Thailand. We arrived in Hong Kong and caught the train to Kowloon and how efficient is that? A bus was there waiting and drove us to our hotel.

I upgraded our room to the Harbour View, but you can barely see the harbour and not only that, I could swing a cat inside the room… They are soooo small.

We spent the afternoon just wandering the streets. Bronny hasn’t been here for over 20 years and she said it’s changed so much and it’s certainly not as cheap as it once was.

Off to Dinner at an American place in Ocean Centre and a stroll afterwards. Stanley Market and the Island tomorrow.

Riots in Bangkok

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Riots in Bangkok? Not going to stop our travel… Although, we have changed our hotel to avoid the problem area.