Day 3 with Manny

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We found a stunning model Danielle who we arranged to meet in the morning. We picked her up in Fitzroy and did some shots around Brunswick street. Manny immediately thought she was going to be an excellent choice.

We headed up to Montsalvat and took a number of other shots around the gardens, we got some great shots. We dropped Danielle back in Fitzroy and had lunch at a magnificent vegetarian restaurant. We had a lazy afternoon and ate dinner with Trish and Kristof where enjoyed pizza.

Manny Librodo – Day 2

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We spent the morning looking at the Alfred Nicholas Gardens where we planned to do our workshop shoot. Manny was happy with the location and we drove back down the mountain home. We looked for a few models and came across Danielle, Manny really liked her look and we arranged to meet her the following day.

In the afternoon, we picked up Kris and travelled up to the Yarra Valley where we found an abandon railway station. We all thought this would have been a great location for a photo shoot, but we had no model with us on the day.

After that, we drove up to Marysville and witnessed the devastation the fire had cause to the region, it was very eerie. We headed back through the black spur and stopped in Healesville for a drink where I tried to contact one of our other models, but she hadn’t responded. Bronny cooked us dinner at home, which we enjoyed with Manny.

Workshop with Manny Librodo

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I picked up Manny from the airport on Saturday evening and drove him to his hotel. Sunday we spent a wintery Melbourne day with Esh (model) and Jyoti (stylist).  It started out quite bleak, we picked up the girls from the station and headed towards out workshop shooting location that I wanted Manny to check, but as we got on top of the mountain, the road was closed due to a windy night which brought many trees down. We were then forced to return back down the mountain.


After that we chased the sun and headed toward the city centre. We found several lane ways in Fitzroy where we shot Esh against many graffiti lined streets, it was amazing. After that, we headed toward Brighton for the famous beach boxes, poor Esh was freezing wearing barely nothing. After lunch at Chinta Blue in St Kilda, we headed toward the Melbourne cemetery where we then found the sun and got another round of great shots. We finished up at Docklands where we shot against Webb Bridge. Manny taught me a lot.