Day 3 and 4

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Day 3

We started the day heading towards the mainland for an adventure on the river rapids. We had to stop a few times along the way, as some people were a little worse for wear and they needed to clear their stomaches. Shortly after getting back on the road, we saw a horrific accident that seems to happen daily and they lady lie motionless on the ground and we assumed she passed away. First we went to the monkey cave and a temple.


Monkeys are just running around everywhere and we up really close to them, even the ones with tiny babies. The cave has a large gold Buddha inside and several areas for praying. We then continued on to the rafting base, got kitted up with helmets and life jackets and then to the river. There was about 30 or so rubber boats all jostling for position down the river – very crowded and at times very bumpy – but it was a lot of fun.


We returned to the base for a Thai lunch and then on to the elephant trek. Our last part of the adventure was a visit to a waterfall and swimming pond. The water was pretty cold, but so clean and fresh. It was really beautiful, and we were all pretty impressed by this part of the country. We headed back, some of us snoozing on the bus on the way. Dinner on the beach again tonight, but we all hit the wall and decided to have an early night.


Day 4

Nice relaxing start to the day. Breakfast, a bit of shopping at the market, then Mark, Bron, Greg and Carolyn all had a massage. Back to the hotel and spent a few lovely hours by the pool. We then all headed to the Merlin Beach Hotel and up to the Goodview Restaurant, our favourite from our last trips here to Phuket. We again had a fantastic meal all together. The kids headed back early to play cards and take it easy and the adults had a few quiet ones at Lekky and Jenny’s bar at the market, then back to the hotel to listen to “Elvis” Thai style! Another pretty early night as the kids need to be up early to go to the sea caves, and Greg and Dave are off to golf.


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Arrived in Bangkok bright and early, and all feeling very relieved that the flight was over. Had a fairly short wait for our connecting flight, but were delayed about half an hour on the plane waiting for some late passengers. Finally arrived in Phuket at about 10am and quickly found our transport to the hotel.


Had a fairly relaxing day, just settling in, a few of us sleeping and just generally getting our bearings. Dinner at Red Boat – fresh lobster and prawns for some – as usual it was great. The kids all seem to be getting along and, apart from a few early cultural differences, they are all loving it.


 Day 2

After organising some tours, we all headed off together for shopping in the market, and picked up some great bargains. Everyone seems to be mastering how to bargain and having a lot of fun in the process. We all got back together for a drink at the bar and some laughs. Greg, Carolyn, Sue and Dave then headed to the Aussie Bar to settle in for the afternoon for the Richmond vs St Kilda game, whilst Mark, Bron, Allira, Duncan, Alex, Sarah and Mel went for a massage that they all said was sensational. The adults when to a beach restaurant up the other end of town while the younger adults spent a night on the town. They all felt sick the next day, even the ones under age!

On our way!

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Our bags are packed and we are ready to head off for another trip to Thailand…