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I think we went to every shop in Bangkok today, they have some great bargains.

Before we left for Thailand, we stumbled over a restaurant that had some great reviews. It’s called Eat Me and its located near Pat Pong. It’s modern and the food creative, although it’s more expensive than your standard restaurant, it’s a must.

We finished the day with a wander around Patpong where they sell the same old crap, then a traditional foot massage.




Thailand August 2012

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This was one of the first times we had flown during the day and not the flight that leaves at 1 am. Although it seemed to take longer, its just because we didn’t sleep. I watched my Ipad most of the way and surprisingly I only consumed 30% power.

Its only a matter of time before most of the airlines will start charging you for everything, coffee on board was $3 and it wasn’t great. The meals were just ok, but gone are all the snacks you get with your main meal.

Once we got through immigration and money exchange etc. our bags were going around on the carousel. This time I was asked to put my bag through the X-ray machine, but then straight through and got a taxi to the Holiday Inn. The hotel is modern and quite good for the price, the room is modern and although it’s just a double bed, its comfortable and we both had a decent night sleep. Breakfast is included in the price, but it’s nothing special, although for the price you can’t complain. The coffee is the only real let down, but we will wander to our favorite coffee place at MBK later today. Off to Chinatown and Khao San Road.

We meet up with a good old friend Kung at Mo Chit sky-train station and we dove north up the river to a restaurant called Tara Rengrom Restaurant, Choaopraya River Side. It’s a typical Thai restaurant that sits on the river. We had a magnificent view of all the boats going up and down the river. Kung is my sister from another mister.