Phuket Diving

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On the last few times, I’ve enjoyed diving the clear and warm waters in Phuket. The first time I dived in Thailand was at Racha Yai, the water visibility was around 20 meters and the second time was at Phi Phi island where the water wasn’t as clear, but this can depend on many factors on the day. For a beginner, I do prefer Racha Yai, it’s a little less dawning for the less experienced and the water is a little calmer.

It took a lot to encourage my daughter to dive as she is scared of fish and deep water, but she did well to get into the water and down to the bottom


The sea life is ok, but don’t expect to many large fish in the shallows. On our dive, we did see many fish and a few Moray Eels, we were lucky to see a lion fish which is extremely dangerous.

The last few dive places we used have now gone out of business, not sure why, maybe it’s too competitive. This time, we booked through a dive centre on the back beach road.


The cost is reasonable at 4500 baht (approx $143 Aus), this included 3 dives at Racha Yai and Racha Noi, all equipment, lunch and all drinks while on the boat as well as transfers to and from the hotel.

The trip is approx 1 and a half hours or 2 hours if you dive Racha Noi, it s about the same, or a little longer if going to Phi Phi.

Diving Phuket

Shooting in Phuket

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The gun laws are very relaxed in Thailand and there are many places to shoot a gun in Phuket. Jungceylon has its own range, however it’s small and the choice of guns is mainly limited to hand guns. This time we took a taxi to Kathu Shooting range, they have a few more guns to choose from, and their range is outdoor and a lot bigger.

I did find some of the guns need some overdue maintenance as the 308 failed to fire on a number of occasions and in the end, the guys replaced the pin and it was ok after that. The cost does range from 650 to around 1500 depending on the gun. Normally you get 10 bullets in each set


Moulin Rose, Ladyboy Show

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A friend of ours previously went to the Moulin Rose show and said it was fantastic, so we decided to see for ourselves. It’s located just off Banglar Road, down the end of a alley. The show cost 250 baht (about $8 Australian) which includes a free cocktail. It’s very funny and there is a bit of niter action, so if you don’t want any man boobs in your face, don’t sit on the end rows.


At the end of the show, the performers all come out to have their photos taken and this is where they want you to put some money between their breasts. It is well worth it.












Melbourne to KL (Air Asia)

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It was our first trip on a budget airline and it started without a hitch. Boarding was on time and the flight wasn’t too full which was a bonus. Poor John didn’t pre-book his luggage and was hit with a fee of $60 for 15 kg which he wasn’t happy with. The seats aren’t too bad, but since this is a budget airline, you can’t expect too much, but they are small.

Half way through the flight, John and Frank were engaged in a conversation, however the conversation was upsetting to some passengers as they complained to the cabin staff, and they were told to stop talking. We now have a 5 hour stop over in KL while waiting for our next flight. Will update shortly.