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Rman Proxy Backups and Recovery using Incremental

I was asked to check that we have a backup of database prior to decommissioning it and found the following which was interesting.

As we have implemented a backup strategy at the company I work, I was a little confused since we just introduced a new backup method with Netbackup that now uses an intelligent policy.

I connected to our recovery catalog and issued the SQL syntax to check the last level 0 which was back in :

I then found an old server and attempted to restore the database to see if there were any issues. This was the output from the restore:

Ok, media recovery complete and open the database successfully.

Trying to check what backup this was coming from I queried the following:

What, how is this possible? Looking further I noticed the key here is “Proxy Copy”. So further research I check the table in the target database:
The reason there is no record for the handle as it’s stored in a different table in the target database called V$PROXY_DATAFILE so I queried this table

However I could not find if this was a full copy, incremental 1 or an incremental 0 (by Oracle law, this should be a level 0 since it’s applying subsequent level 1s). The view does not report on this, however after looking at the view itself, I noticed there is a column which wasn’t included for my version:

This has been resolved in 11g.

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