Archive Log Gaps

Here is some code to help identify what has been applied and what is missing. Archivelog gap Log Gap Check Get Archive Logs from Backup Stop and Start Apply Services

Python to read Oracle alert.log

I’m used to working in a UNIX environment and when I was asked to build a database and manage on Windows, I was faced with some new challenges. One of them is searching through the Alert log and without standard UNIX grep I wanted to write something that could perform the same function. Also show…

Automatic Shrink

The company I work for would rebuild their tables and indexes every quarter, this did cause some concern for me and they were adamant that this needed to be done. I compromised and came up with this script.

How to calculate DB time for a week

DB Time is a period demonstrate measurement that is the entirety of Oracle process CPU utilization and non-inert hold up time. While advancing Oracle frameworks we regularly center around decreasing “time”, however ordinarily database work is additionally part of the condition.